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In a safety conscience society, this is probably one of the most over-looked safety questions about these adventurous toys that have become a fond childhood memory for most of us. A glow stick can easily be considered a staple item when taking the kids to a carnival, barbeque, or circus. Such a staple in fact, that the question of safety can easily be overlooked.

Glow sticks have been around for quite some time and you may think of them as mystical (which you can read more about how they work here) little tubes of light; best left to children, campers, or even helpers for disaster relief. What you may not know is that these luminous little gadgets can actually be used to liven up your next gathering. Whether you’re young or old, they can still be entertaining today, and there are other things to do with them besides swing them around and watch the light trails. As a child I remember being so amazed by how a small unimpressive-looking object like a glow stick could shine so bright, and the feeling of the subtle cracking and popping sound made when you bend it the first time; then  hours of running around with my brothers and sister ensued - waving them around, pretending they were lightsabers. We may have been dorky, but you couldn’t say we didn’t have an imagination. Thankfully there are some fun ideas that incorporate glow sticks and can add a nice accent to your next party or event.

Are you brave enough to dive at night or to explore the darker depths during the day? Although scuba diving is, naturally, a perilous sport, you can avoid accidents and have a safe, fun diving experience by getting the proper training and equipment, including dive lights, and following a few safety rules.

Dive lights give you the freedom to dive at any depths during the night or day. If you’re looking for a dive light, you’ve probably come across the new generation of scuba safety in your dive store’s inventory—glow sticks!

Bring glow sticks on all your dives as a supplemental lighting device. When you’re being pulled by the current or your primary light source is depleted, good markers are your best tool for safe navigation. Glow sticks can be used to mark the assent line so that no matter which way the currents are going, you can always maintain your sense of direction.

You have the perfect product, a sweet service, or a catastrophic cause. Now all you need is funds! Car washes, bake sales, blood drives, auctions, raffles, contests – there are countless ways to raise funds for your business. The question is, what’s the best way to get those deep-pocketed donors to come flocking to your door? Well, first you have to ask yourself a few questions to get the ball rolling. For example, what are your fundraising goals and what budget do you have to work with? What demographic do you want to attract with your fundraiser? What is the theme of your event? What mood do you want to create for your donors? Will you sell products or use giveaways as added attraction? A good fundraiser can both get people excited about what you’re doing and about coming out to your next event. Despite the expectations that those who attend fundraisers are generally philanthropic and can’t wait to spend their money on your awesome business or organization, the truth is simply that you’re competing with every other fundraising event they’ve attended recently and it’s all about who can throw a better party. And if you’re going to throw a fundraising party, there are numerous ways it could go wrong – or right. Here are some things to consider for the best possible outcome.

We've previously written about fundraising event tips (part 1), but since there's so many ways to liven your next event, we decided to provide another set of tips for you!

Another essential to fundraising events is having great promotional items as giveaways for attendees to take back home with them. The market offers a vast variety of customizable items that companies can wrap their logo on – things that can either be subtle reminders, such as pens or notepads, or things that are loud by nature, like bumper stickers and t-shirts. The items you choose to brand each offer a strategic way to get your donors thinking about your name and your cause even after they’re out of sight. For example, a pen might end up among other pens in a holder on a desk. By picking it up and using it, one might be prompted to look up the company name or website online, which may lead to further contact or donations. On the other hand, a t-shirt might be worn on a casual day or during workouts, and may spark a conversation with others who see it. It makes the wearer a representative of your company name and allows them to share with others what they learned and experienced at your event.

With Christmas right around the corner, millions of people around the world put up decorations, bring out the holiday movies, go shopping for gifts, and schedule in their Christmas church service along with all the holiday parties. You may, like me, have nostalgic memories of grand Christmas services with sounds of bells and voices of the choir echoing off the frosty windows, an epic Christmas tree sprinkled with shiny glass orbs that reflect every glimpse of light, a stage set for a skit about baby Jesus’ birth, and a multitude of warm, flickering candle lights bouncing off the walls and illuminating the space with the glow of joy, hope and all the warm, fuzzy feelings of Christmas. Lighting candles is a holiday tradition in many churches, either for the beautiful ambience it brings to a nighttime service, or to represent the solemn nature of the occasion. Whatever the reason, I think we all can agree that glowing lights bring a certain amount of joy to special celebrations. What most of us probably wouldn’t consider is the danger involved in this tradition.

Glow sticks have been a fascinating accessory for both young and old for almost four decades. They come in different shapes, colors, and sizes and are commonly known as a fun gimmick for audiences at nighttime events, such as music concerts or parties, to create an engaging atmosphere. However, besides entertainment purposes, glow sticks can be used in many practical ways as well. In fact, the US Department of Defense is the biggest consumer of glow sticks today. 

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